Meeting your legal obligations

It is now no longer the Fire and Rescue Service’s duty to make sure that business premises are safe. Accountability now lies squarely and firmly with ‘the responsible person’ in all premises other than a single private dwelling.

To find out who is responsible for fire safety at work and information on risk assessments, equipment and training, visit the GOV.UK website.

Our FPOs will audit the premises, including the fire risk assessment and any relevant documentation relating to any premises. At the end of the audit the ‘responsible person’ will be informed of their compliance level. The FPO will discuss any matters of concern with the ‘responsible person’.

If you require any further information, advice or a visit from one of our FPOs, please fill in the form below and the team will be in touch to discuss any queries:

Request advice or a visit from an FPO

The Northamptonshire County Council website has more useful information for anyone starting their own business, including more details on meeting your obligations.

The following document provides information, advice and guidance for developers designing new residential and commercial schemes in Northamptonshire.

It also provides key information on access requirements for the Fire Service and firefighting water supply requirements:
File Download - Pre-application guidance for developers (PDF 886KB) Pre-application guidance for developers (PDF 871KB)

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