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Our Fire Protection Team

The Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) Fire Protection Team’s main duty is to carry out audits of the fire safety of all sorts of premises throughout Northamptonshire. We audit premises each year as part of our Risk Based Inspection Programme.

In addition to this we provide support and advice to the people of the county to help them manage fire safety in their premises. We consult on the fire safety of building control applications and licensing applications, as part of which we check that sufficient access is left to all new properties in case we do need to visit in the event of an emergency.

Fire Protection news

Visit our social media page, X for the latest news from our Fire Protection Team or read our latest news items on our website.

How do we make a difference?

Below are just some examples of the ways in which we have helped to make the people of Northamptonshire safer in the last few years.

Fire door in a House In Multiple Occupation (HIMO)

A Fire Protection Officer (FPO) responding to a request for advice from the landlord, visited a 3 storey HIMO in Semilong, Northampton. The FPO advised the landlord that a fire door was improperly aligned and recommended changes to to the alarm system. The landlord took this advice and made the recommended changes.

A week after these changes were made a fire broke out in one of the rooms. The fire alarm was triggered quickly and the new fire door effectively contained the fire to the room in which it started.

This landlord sought out help and advice from the Fire Protection Team and as a result, avoided extensive damage to the rest of the house. A properly fitted fire door will slow the spread of a fire and will give its occupants more time to escape.

Music performance in Northampton

After a local venue found that it would struggle to safely accommodate all of the people it wanted to for a music performance their health and safety co-ordinator sought out the advice of the Fire Protection Team. The team worked with the venue to maximise the escape capacity of the building and ensure that suitable preventive measures were in place to keep the risk of fire at an acceptable level.

As a result the venue was able to carry on with the planned music performance without having to disappoint any of their paying customers.

Fire safety for students in higher education

Each year the Fire Protection Team work with a local university to engage new students on fire safety in their shared residences.


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