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Our people

Our most important resource is our people. We currently employ approximately 475 staff who deliver services throughout the county.

We have:

  • 22 fire stations
  • One headquarters site at Darby House, Wellingborough which is shared with Northamptonshire Police and the Office of Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC)
  • two satellite sites:
    • Moulton Logistics Centre (MLC), Moulton, Northampton
    • Northern Accommodation Building (NAB), Kettering

The Chief Officer (CO), two Assistant Chief Fire Officers (ACFOs), a Joint Assistant Chief Officer for Enabling Services (Police and Fire), three Area Managers (AMs), the Head of Protection and the Prevention, Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager come together to form the Fire Executive Group (FEG) for NFRS.

Organisational structure chart (PowerPoint 2MB)

Each of their service areas are listed below

Key personnel


Simon Tuhill

The CO is responsible for all areas of NFRS. The service also works closely with West Northamptonshire Council who provide our payroll and fire staff (local government) pensions services.

The priorities in the Fire and Rescue National Framework are:

  • to make provision for prevention and protection activities and respond to incidents appropriately
  • to work in partnership with our communities and a wide range of partners locally and nationally in order to deliver our service
  • to be accountable to our communities for the service we provide
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ACFO - Community Risk

Rob Porter

The ACFO – Community Risk oversees the day to day running of the operational side of the service (operational support and service delivery).

In addition, they take the lead on the Retained Duty System (RDS) review, flexible rostering project and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) inspection programme.

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ACFO - Service Development

Phil Pells

The ACFO Service Development oversees organisational development.

This includes fire service operations policy, operational assurance, Training, Strategic Planning, business performance processes, Service Assurance, audit and Information Management via the various department leads and holds the roles of Brigade Investigating Officer (BIO).

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Joint Assistant Chief Officer Paul Bullen

Joint Assistant Chief Officer for Enabling Services (Police and Fire)

Paul Bullen

The Joint Assistant Chief Officer for Enabling Services oversees the following teams:

  • Fleet, Engineering and Equipment
  • Facilities management
  • Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT)
  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Finance

The Fleet, Engineering and Equipment team manages vehicles and operational equipment as and when required for the Fire Service.  They also undertake maintenance, repairs and inspections for NFRS and Northamptonshire Police.

The Facilities team maintain all fire stations and manage access control across Northamptonshire.

DDaT maintain the computerised, radio and telephony systems for NFRS. In addition they support a variety of bespoke databases and implement a number of project solutions.

The Health and Safety team provide support and advice to NFRS. The Service has a dedicated Health and Safety Adviser working with a Technical Support Officer to administer, inform and guide staff.

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Area Manager Kevin Hardwick

AM - Service Delivery

Kevin Hardwick

Within Service Delivery we have the following departments:

  • Community engagement
  • Community Risk Groups (CRGs)
  • Fire Control

The CRGs manage the 22 fire stations which are crewed by both Wholetime (full time) Duty System (WDS) and Retained (on call) Duty System (RDS) personnel. The stations are split into 2 risk areas; North and West, each headed by a CRG Manager. They provide emergency response to incidents as well as carrying out prevention activities within the local community.

Fire Control provide a 24/7 response to emergency calls, mobilising personnel, appliances and equipment to incidents.

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AM - Operational Support

Within Operational Support we have the following departments:

  • Joint Operations Team (JOT)
  • Workforce Development and Operational Assurance
  • Training

JOT is a key function of NFRS and Northamptonshire Police enabling interoperability between Fire, Police and external agencies making Northamptonshire safer.

JOT leads on operational guidance and procedures, operational learning and evaluation, operational support, risk intelligence including contingency planning and event planning, specialist operations, incident support, Multi-Agency Specialist Assessment Team (MASAT) and a shared Unmanned Aerial System (drone) capability. JOT represents Fire and Police as a key partner within the Local Resilience Forum (LRF).  JOT also has responsibility of water and hydrants with the Water Officer overseeing the maintenance of a number of the county’s hydrants.

The Workforce Development and Operational Assurance team provide assurance on the operational incident response. This includes:

  • Delivery of talent management, selection development programmes and business skills maximising the continuous development of staff to do their role.
  • Training and assessment of operational Commanders in the skills to manage and resolve emergency incidents of any size and complexity through teaching, immersive simulation and regular commander revalidation assessments.
  • Testing and exercising Commanders and response plans through exercises at venues in Northamptonshire and across our borders involving our neighbouring fire and rescue services, emergency service colleagues and responding partners.
  • Monitoring and assuring our incident command and operational response performance ensuring we learn and improve from all incidents.

The Training team provide centrally delivered risk critical and core skills Competency Based Training Frameworks.

Primarily working from the tactical firefighting centre at Chelveston, the department assesses, develops and trains all operational crews across the county. Working collaboratively with regional partners, the team develop regional training packages adopting national operational guidance.

The Training team support the development and assessment of specialist operational skills in line with statutory requirements and guidance, such as specialist rescue for water incidents, animal rescue and specialist technical rescue. Some of the specialist training not only supports operational response within the county but also for national deployments when mutual assistance is requested in spate conditions.

The Training team manage the budget for all training across the organisation to include the development and competencies of all Fire Staff to ensure they are compliant and competent within their specific roles.

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AM - Business Services

Mick Berry

The AM for Business Services oversees the following departments:

  • Service Information Team
  • Community Risk Management Planning (CRMP)
  • Business planning and performance
  • Organisational Assurance

The Service Information Team provides a comprehensive support service to all customers of NFRS. They manage corporate service information and the fire publication scheme on the Service’s website, as well as co-ordinating the administration of internal documents, forms and letters throughout NFRS.

The Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) is the Fire Authority for Northamptonshire, and is required through the National Framework for England to produce a Community Risk Management Plan (CRMP); to identify risks within its areas of responsibility, and outline its plan for mitigating these risks and keeping residents safe. The Business Services Team is responsible for coordinating the production and constant review of risk and the plan.

Business Services supports all NFRS departments with business plans and risk management, performance reviews and collation of essential data. The team support all aspects of assurance, accountability and business continuity.

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Head of Protection Scott Richards

Head of Protection

Scott Richards

The Head of Protection oversees the Protection team which aims to drive down risk in non-domestic premises.

This is achieved through a risk based inspection programme of non-domestic premises under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order (RRO) 2005. They provide advice and guidance to building developers, owners, occupiers, and employees on regulations and fire safety legislation including the enforcement of sports grounds legislation.

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Prevention Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager Lisa Bryan

Prevention, Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager

Lisa Bryan

The Prevention, Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager oversees the Prevention team which includes personnel from NFRS and Northamptonshire Police.

They work on programmes and projects to ensure fire, road and community safety messages are delivered to the public and co-ordinate Home Safety Checks for customers in the county.

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