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Fire Protection Officers and the Audit Process

Our Fire Protection Officers (FPOs) will conduct fire safety audits on premises to ensure they comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, under the Risk Based Inspection Programme. During the visit our FPOs will assess the fire precautions in place in the premises, the activities that are undertaken in the premises and the management of the fire safety. This will also include an audit of all relevant fire safety documentation.

The following documents will be asked for where applicable to the premises:

  • Fire risk assessment
  • Fire precaution log book
  • Written policies and procedures (detailing the effective planning, organisation and control of measures e.g. evacuation plan)
  • Records of testing and maintenance of all fire safety systems
  • Records of testing and maintenance of all firefighting equipment
  • Records of staff training and fire evacuation drills (FPOs may also want to speak with members of staff to confirm their fire safety awareness)

On completion of the audit the responsible person will be informed of the outcome and any matters of concern will be discussed.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the audit process, an FPO’s powers and any enforcement action should it be required.


All of our FPOs carry a written warrant and identification card. On arrival, our FPO(s) will show identification. The warrant gives the FPO certain powers under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (these powers are detailed in Article 27).

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