Information for landlords

From this page you can find information on how to keep your premises safe from fire and the legal obligations you need to fulfil.

View the latest news from the Fire Protection Team on Twitter but if you would like any further information/guidance please contact us.

This information is for persons responsible for blocks of flats, Houses In Multiple Occupation (HIMO) or other living accommodation with communal areas.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) are committed to keeping our community and the businesses in our community safe, by offering guidance and support as well as enforcing fire safety legislation.

The accountability of ensuring the premises is safe lies with the assigned responsible person. The guidance below will help businesses meet their legal requirements.

Whilst the first contact should be made with private sector housing regarding blocks of flats, HIMOs or other living accommodation with communal areas, NFRS will offer advice and guidance for the premises.

Fire Safety Regulations 2022 and High-Rise premisesFire Safety Law and your responsibilityHousing guidance documents
Information for landlords/owners of high-rise premises including flatsWhat your responsibilities are in regards to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005Information on risk assessments for landlords
Fire Protection Officers (FPOs) and the Audit ProcessUnwanted fire signalsPublic Register
What to expect at your inspection and from our FPOsWhat your responsibilities are in regards to unwanted fire signalsHow, what and when we have issued enforcements
Building RegulationsSprinklersTools and Resources
What you need to consider before building a premisesHow sprinklers can help your premisesGuidance and information to help your business
Fire Doors
The importance of fire doors within your premises
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