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Sprinklers and your premises

Our purpose is to protect the people, property and environment of Northamptonshire. Sprinkler systems are proven to save lives and property; they improve firefighter safety, minimise environmental damage and reduce economic loss. In support of these aims we proactively endorse the installation of sprinkler systems in domestic, industrial, commercial and residential premises. A guide to Automatic Water Suppression Systems (AWSS) is available from the National Fire Chiefs Council.

Sprinklers can significantly help to:

  • Reduce death and injury from fire
  • Reduce the risks to firefighters
  • Protect property and heritage
  • Reduce the effects of arson
  • Reduce the environmental impact of fire
  • Reduce fire costs and the disruption to the community and business
  • Permit design freedoms and encourage innovative, inclusive and sustainable architecture

Our sprinklers position statement (PDF 84KB) is accessible online.

The video below is from London Fire Brigade and shows the difference a sprinkler system can make in the home.


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