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Incident reports

Following an incident, including fires, special service calls and false alarms, NFRS will complete a basic incident report. Where a more serious incident occurs or where the cause cannot immediately be established, a fire investigation is conducted and if required a fire investigation report is completed.

Disclaimer: It is important to know that the information recorded on the basic incident report is primarily collated for statistical purposes. Details of the cause of fire are based on the Incident Commander’s initial impressions and selected from a limited range of options available, which may or may not cover the exact circumstances of each case.

We have broken down the process with our frequently asked questions below. If you require any further advice, please do not hesitate to contact the Service Information Team at

Where possible, requests for incident or investigation reports are to be liaised via email.

A fire investigation report may not be available for your request, a fire investigation report is only produced where a fire investigation is conducted. This is only for more serious incidents, or where the cause cannot immediately be established. Please contact the Service Information Team to enquire whether a fire investigation report is available.

A basic incident report is completed for every incident that NFRS attend. This report provides details on the incident, which includes resources used, action taken by the Service and, where appropriate, damage specifics and information on the cause.

Please see an example below of what you can expect to receive from a basic incident report:

Basic incident report template (pdf)*

*Document linked is for reference only. The information recorded on the report you receive is determined by the specific incident.

Yes, as per our chargeable services, costs can be seen below:

 Net costVAT (20%)Gross cost
Basic Incident Recording System (IRS) fire report (zero rated)£97.15N/A£97.15
Fire investigation report£343.70£68.74£412.44

The preferred and most efficient method of payment is via bank transfer, but we also accept cheques.

An invoice will be raised so that we can match your payment to your request (BACS details will be attached to the invoice).

Please note, we cannot release the incident report until payment has been received.

Should you wish to pay your invoice by cheque, it should be made out to Northamptonshire Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority at the following address:

Service Information Team
Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service
Darby House
Darby Close

All cheques must be accompanied by a cover letter quoting the invoice number supplied. Failure to include this information will significantly delay issuing the report.

Once you have requested a copy of an incident or investigation report, the process is as follows:

Please complete our incident report request form with as much information as possible and return to Service Information Team at

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