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Working alongside Northamptonshire Police 2003/4

NFRS, PFCC and Police colleagues

Since 2003/04 NFRS have worked closely with Northamptonshire Police to deliver a combined Arson Task Force (ATF) targeting the incidence of arson across the County, through prevention, education, investigation and detection of deliberate fire setting.

This partnership has been hugely successful and we aim to develop this collaborative working with the police to include:

  • Exploring how we can share resources in relation to analysis and data
  • Exploring potential for corporate communications in Northamptonshire provided by the Police at reduced cost to NFRS
  • Exploration of the relationship between the Fire Service’s new Initial Intervention Vehicles (IIVs) and Operations Department
  • Non-emergency call handling
  • Use of fully functioning Fire Service garage/workshops providing a service to Police – income generation for Fire Service (reduced costs for Police)
  • Shared and effective use of property
  • Community bases – through the use of retained fire stations to deploy Police resources and access to new Fire Service training facilities
  • Exploration of shared training delivery (e.g. health and safety, management training, coaching and mentoring, driver training)
  • Explore joint work on business continuity
  • Reduce costs of postal logistics across county by sharing postal resources.

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