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High-rise living

There are a number of high-rise residential premises in the county of Northamptonshire.  Living in a high-rise block doesn’t mean you are any more at risk from fire but it does mean you need to consider your fire safety and the impact a fire in your home could have on other residents.

Key advice for people living in high-rise accommodation:
  • Plan an escape route; if there are children, older or disabled people, consider their needs
  • Think of any difficulties you may have getting out, e.g. at night you may need a torch to light your way
  • Make sure that you are fully aware of the fire procedures in your building
  • If the building doesn’t have a ‘stay put’ policy, get out, stay out and call 999
  • If there is a ‘stay put’ policy, stay where you are unless the fire is in your flat or you are instructed to evacuate – if the situation changes, call 999 immediately
  • Once firefighters arrive at the scene, the advice may change so make sure you stay alert
How can you protect your home?
  • Fit at least one smoke alarm in your flat
  • Do not fit a smoke alarm in your kitchen or bathroom as this may cause false alarms
  • Make sure you test your smoke alarm once a week
  • Do not remove the batteries from your smoke alarm
  • Always follow the smoke alarm manufacturer’s advice
How can you be prepared for an emergency?
  • Keep all exits clear, both in communal corridors and in your home
  • Keep door and window keys accessible
  • Prepare a grab bag that you can take if you need to be evacuated (think about prescriptions, key documents i.e. passport or driving licence, spare keys, mobile phone, charger and a torch)
  • Know how to isolate your flat’s gas, electricity and water supply
  • Get to know your neighbours; are they young, elderly, vulnerable? They may need assistance in an emergency
Further guidance

Have a look at our leaflet below that is useful for anyone living in a high-rise residential premises:

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