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Heritage Buildings

There are a number of historic buildings in Northamptonshire that are irreplaceable. It is important to ensure that these buildings are protected from fire, which could cause irreversible damage.

If you are the owner or manager of a historic building your first contact should be with the local conservation officer, but below are some helpful links and information regarding protecting your historical premises from fire.

Fire Risk Assessment

It is the responsibility of the responsible person to carry out a fire risk assessment, assessing the risk and likelihood of a fire in the premises.

For a detailed description of a fire risk assessment visit our page.

There are additional elements that need to be considered with a historic premises, which are:

  • Is the building in a rural area?
  • Is there easy access for the fire service?
  • Is there an adequate fire detection and alarm system in place?
  • Does the building have sprinklers?
  • Is there adequate water supply?
  • Is a salvage plan required?

For further information visit Historic England.

Thatched Roof

Historic domestic properties are more likely to have thatched roofs and these are particularly challenging for firefighters due to the rapid spread of fire. Historic England offer guidance and advice for properties with thatched roofs on their website.

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