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The London Fire Establishment

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Next the insurance companies began to merge, including those of London which merged on 01 January 1833, the London Fire Engine Establishment was formed under the leadership of James Braidwood. James Braidwood had come to London after holding the position of the Chief Fire Officer of Edinburgh Fire Brigade (of which formed in 1824). He introduced a uniform that included personal protection from any hazards during events of firefighting.

The London Fire Engine Establish held 80 firefighters and 13 fire stations. The unit was a private enterprise funding by the insurance companies and was responsible for saving mainly material goods from fire. Several large fires such as; the Palace of Westminster in 1834 and the 1861 Tooley Street Fire (in which James Braidwood died whilst on duty at age 61) spurred the insurance companies to lobby the British government to provide public expense and management.



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