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Young people taught practical firefighting skills to build confidence

Two young people in fire kit squirting a hose

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service have delivered a course designed to teach vital life skills to young people in Rushden.

 Nine young people aged between 11-14 from RUSH 2The DEN Youth Club took part in a range of practical and classroom-based sessions designed to improve their relationship with uniformed emergency services. 

Seven young people dressed in fire kit during a drill

Across three all-day sessions at Rushden Fire Station, the group carried out a series of fire service drills and were shown the equipment that firefighters use when dealing with an emergency incident.  

They also learned basic first aid which included CPR, how to help someone in danger in the water and how to stay safe on the roads.  

Two young people in fire kit, one carrying a hose

The Arson Task Force, a joint partnership between fire and police, also delivered a session highlighting the impact of deliberate fire setting on the community and the strain it puts on resources within the fire service.  

As well as that, the group learned about the dangers of anti-social behaviour following a classroom activity from the Rushden Neighbourhood Policing Team. 

A classroom lecture led by a police officer

The course concluded on Tuesday (April 9) with each member of the group being awarded a certificate from Arson Reduction Co-ordinator Andy Evans. 

Lisa Bryan, Prevention, Safeguarding and Partnerships Manager at Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Working with youth groups such as RUSH 2The DEN allows us to engage with young people in the right way at the right time. This is crucial to ensure our work leaves a lasting impact and helps them to stay safe in the future. 

“Our sessions provide young people with opportunities to build confidence and learn new skills, we hope that through doing that, young people feel more able to deal with difficult situations and make decisions that keep themselves and others safe.” 

A young person in fire kit carrying a fire hose

One of the young people participating on the course said: “This is really worth getting up for in the morning, it’s really fun!” 

RUSH 2The DEN is an award-winning youth group based in Rushden that aims to support young people’s development by offering opportunities to gain and develop skills, knowledge, self-awareness, and confidence. 

A fire drill

River, founder and manager at RUSH 2The DEN, said: “Our young people were put through their paces, not only in the lecture room, but also on the drill yard. 

“The outside learning taught some of the preliminary firefighter skills as well as teamwork help to tackle the challenges and obstacles presented. 

“Our volunteer Youth Leaders at RUSH 2The DEN are exceptionally proud of the young people who took part and completed the three-day course. They have all become more engaged, confident, responsible young people.” 

The young people during the drill, dressed in fire kit

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