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Fire Service warns of consequences following a spate of deliberate fires

Fire Service warns of consequences following a spate of deliberate fires

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service are warning people that deliberately lighting fires could result in police taking action, following a spate of arsons this month.

During the first three weeks of March, Northamptonshire firefighters responded to 18 deliberately lit fires in Corby and Wellingborough alone. This anti-social behaviour impacts communities, costs money, pollutes the environment and could lead to a criminal record for anyone involved – as well as being potentially life threatening.

Intentional fire setting is dangerous and as the warmer and dryer weather approaches, the risks of fire increase. Even a small outdoor fire can spread quickly and become a serious risk to life.

Andy Evans, Arson Reduction Officer for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “Our firefighters spend hours trying to stop deliberate fires throughout the year.

“Last year we saw a steep rise in deliberate fire setting as we moved into warmer months and approached the school holidays. We’ve been working hard in schools and communities to educate people and raise awareness not only of the dangers of fire setting, but the potential impact on an individual’s future and job prospects if they have a criminal record for arson.

“Attending deliberately lit fires also affects our ability to respond to more serious and possibly life-threatening incidents such as house fires or road traffic accidents. Arson is a crime, and the consequences can be severe for those involved.”

FireStoppers provides an anonymous way to report anything you know about deliberate firesetting. It’s managed by the independent charity CrimeStoppers. Reports of arson passed to FireStoppers will be investigated.

Call 0800 169 5558 or complete the online form at if you have any information about deliberate fire setting.

If an incident requires an emergency response, please call 999.

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