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Stay safe during Storm Eunice

Stay safe during Storm Eunice

Northamptonshire Fire & Rescue Service is urging residents to remain cautious as Storm Eunice passes through both today and tomorrow.

The Met Office has currently issued an amber weather warning for Northamptonshire, which means the very strong winds could lead to flying debris, damage to buildings and roofs and power lines being brought down. There will also be falling branches and uprooted trees.

It could also mean roads, bridges and railways lines could close, with delays and cancellations to buses, trains and flights.

There is also a good chance that power cuts could occur and affect other services, such as mobile phone coverage.

So before heading out tomorrow, consider whether your journey is really necessary.

And if you do head out in the car, remember the following:

  • Plan your journey carefully, checking weather and traffic reports
  • Keep both hands on the steering wheel
  • Always be ready for stronger winds and gusts on exposed stretches of road or when your passing high-sided vehicles or tall buildings in built up areas
  • Keep your speed down as this will stop strong gusts of wind blowing you off course as much
  • Leave extra room around cyclists and motorcyclists as they are particularly vulnerable to sudden gusts of wind and may veer across the road in to your path
  • Keep more distance from other vehicles, especially high-sided vehicles and caravans
  • Try to avoid towing trailers, caravans or horseboxes in very high winds
  • Expect lower speed limits or temporary closures on roads due to fallen debris or accidents
  • Small branches in the road could be a sign that there is a tree or large branch fallen further along the road or round the bend

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