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Animal Rescue Technicians rescue horse from swimming pool

Fire crew rescuing horse

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service were called at 12.33pm on Thursday 3 February, to a property in Grendon following reports of a horse being stuck in a swimming pool. On arrival at the incident crews from Moulton and Wellingborough found the adult horse had entered an empty 1.5m deep swimming pool and was unable to get out.

The horse, called Wizard, had come from the adjacent field through a broken gate. Animal Rescue Technicians, Watch Manager Ben Stone and Watch Manager Phil Jones formulated a plan with the owner of the horse and property, to assist it out of the pool. They constructed a stairway from old pallets and slowly lured the horse out using carrots, hay and sugar lumps. A vet was on hand to provide assistance if Wizard became distressed, but as the horse remained calm, they did not require Wizard to be sedated.

Large animal rescues can be quite challenging and dangerous due to the unpredictability of the animal. This is why the Fire Service have specially trained Animal Rescue Technicians and specialist equipment such as the Unimog. Due to the calm nature of the horse, crews were able to assist Wizard out of the pool without using any of their specialist equipment.  It took around 45 mins to rescue Wizard and crews left the scene at just after 1.30pm.

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