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Hundreds of new students receive fire safety advice from NFRS

As a new wave of students head to university for the first time, Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) have been visiting the county’s new residents as they settle into their halls of residence accommodation.

Over four evenings in October, Prevention and Protection Officers from NFRS met with students living in halls to discuss fire safety and offer advice to help reduce the likelihood of fires starting in these premises.

These ‘kitchen fire talks’ were incredibly well received by the students with 858 attending one of the four sessions held in Waterside Halls, Town Houses, St Johns Halls and Scholars Green Student Village. Also present at the talks were colleagues from Northamptonshire Police who were offering personal safety advice when on campus and whilst out in town.

Prevention Team Leader at Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service, Darren Carson said; “For many students this might be the first time they will be cooking for themselves and with all the distractions that go alongside student life, it is important they know how to be safe in the kitchen. That’s why we’re working closely with the University of Northampton to provide practical advice to students when and where they most need it.”

And right on cue, a kitchen smoke alarm sounded during one of these sessions, providing NFRS Officers with an opportunity to explain how quickly and easily a simple error of judgement, such as leaving cooking unattended, can escalate into a potentially serious incident.

To help avoid fires starting in kitchens, follow the simple guidelines below.

  • Do not leave your cooking unattended and avoid being under the influence of alcohol when cooking
  • Clean your dirty grill pans, saucepans and cookers to stop a build-up of grease
  • Keep your kitchen clear of waste and keep rubbish bags away from ovens
  • Do not place electric kettles, other appliances or anything flammable on top of the hob. They can retain heat long after use
  • Do not use chip pans or deep fat fryers
  • Make sure that extractor fans are on and open windows where possible to disperse any cooking smoke and fumes
  • Do not cook in your bedroom
  • Do not prop fire doors open


In the event of a fire remember to get out, stay out and call 999.

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