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Statement from Darren Dovey on the fuel shortage

Darren Dovey, Chief Fire Officer and Chair of Northamptonshire’s Local Resilience Forum, has called on people to try to be calm and act as they normally would, to help petrol supplies stabilise and keep the county moving.

Darren said that the LRF members are working togStatement from Darren Dovey on the fuel shortageether to ensure that the county’s vital services can continue their work uninterrupted. As Chair of Northamptonshire’s Local Resilience Forum he is responsible for bringing together emergency services, local authorities and other agencies to reduce risk and manage major incidents which affect our county.

Darren said:  “The current situation regarding low levels of fuel is causing concern for people who work and/or live in Northamptonshire, especially those who work for the many community based services, or who are supported by these services. We are therefore asking everyone to act normally and buy fuel as you normally would.

“There is no need to fill petrol cans in addition to your cars. Not only is this causing the current shortage, but it is also highly dangerous to travel carrying fuel and to store fuel at home. Excessive queuing at petrol stations is also creating issues for our emergency services as they need to navigate through sometimes gridlocked traffic. Please consider whether you need to buy fuel if the petrol station is busy.

“We are all in charge of the solution to this issue and the sooner we revert to normal behaviour, the easier it will be for everyone to continue with their day-to-day lives.”

The Local Resilience Forum will continue to monitor the situation and assess the potential risks to communities across Northamptonshire should the fuel shortage continue for any length of time.

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