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Creep Safe this Halloween!

We are today launching our ‘Creep Safe’ campaign, encouraging people across Northamptonshire to enjoy celebrations safely this Halloween.

Covid-19 restrictions mean that this year Northamptonshire Police is discouraging trick or treating activities, a decision Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service (NFRS) is supporting as an emergency service partner.

However, this doesn’t mean that all fun is cancelled completely and we know people will be continuing to dress up and celebrate in their homes with families.

Alongside Northamptonshire Police, NFRS is encouraging people to take part in a pumpkin trail (see details below) instead of trick or treating this year.

Throughout this season, NFRS will be sharing fire safety tips on its website and social media platforms, as well as digitally with schools across the county to help keep families safe. This work has been funded by the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.

One of the Service’s key messages is about candle safety as, throughout 2019, firefighters attended 13 candle fire incidents in Northamptonshire. In six of these cases people suffered burns and/or smoke inhalation.

This year we are encouraging people to please use artificial lights such as battery-powered candles instead of naked flames.

Prevention Team Leader Darren Carson said: “We really hope families will enjoy their Halloween celebrations this year, but we want them to stay as safe as possible.

“I would ask that people please think carefully about their candle use, never leave children or pets alone with candles and, wherever possible, do not use real candles at all. There are many artificial candles on the market which will recreate a cosy glow without leaving people at risk from fire.”

Take part in a pumpkin trail

Download a copy of our ‘petrifying’ pumpkin (click here:pumpkin poster), or feel free to draw and colour in your own, then display it proudly in the window of your home.

We are encouraging as many people as possible to do this, in the same way as the rainbows were displayed during lockdown.

With families discouraged from trick or treating, taking part in a pumpkin trail instead will mean keeping a little safer while enjoying Halloween.

Children can venture out with their siblings and parents or carers to spot as many pumpkin drawings in people’s windows as possible.

Instead of collecting sweets from neighbours, parents/carers could then reward their youngsters with a treat when they spot a pumpkin.

We would also love to see your creations and share them on our social media pages, so take a photo of your coloured in or drawn pumpkin and send it to or

Safety tips this Halloween:

  • Give candles a break and keep them fake. Please use artificial instead of real candles in pumpkins and as decorations.
  • If there are any real candles in the house, make sure children and pets are kept well clear.
  • Whether you are dressing as a vicious vampire or a wicked witch, remember that costumes can catch fire and cause burns.
  • If costumes catch fire, remember to ‘STOP, DROP AND ROLL’. Stand still, drop to the ground with your hands covering your face, roll from side to side until the flames are out.

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