Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log lists requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 since 01 January 2019 when our Service underwent a change of governance from Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) to the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC).


Reference numberRequestAssociated documentsDate Requested
FR140-147Adverse Weather (Wildfire, floods, drought)Data09 January 2019
FR141-148Mobile DevicesN/A09 January 2019
FR143-150LAN ContractN/A11 January 2019
FR145-152Fires Caused by NegligenceN/A16 January 2019
FR147-155Animal DeathsN/A21 January 2019
FR76-158Fires Caused by White GoodsData30 January 2019
FR151-160Incidents Involving Bariatric PersonsN/A01 February 2019
FR153-162HR ContractsN/A13 February 2019
FR156-165PTSDN/A14 February 2019
FR167-177Northamptonshire StationsN/A18 February 2019
FR157-166IT ProcurementN/A19 February 2019
FR134-187Assaults on FirefightersN/A25 February 2019
FR158-167Social MediaN/A25 February 2019
FR60-170IT ContractsN/A28 February 2019
FR163-173Fires in Commercial BuildingsData13 March 2019
FR164-174Legal CostsN/A13 March 2019
FR168-178Body Worn ArmourN/A19 March 2019
FR170-180Number of StaffN/A22 March 2019
FR172-182Equipment on AppliancesData26 March 2019
FR176-186Royal and Derngate Disabled AccessN/A16 March 2019
NFRS2019-03-03HeadcountN/A05 April 2019
NFRS2019-05-05Vacancies and EquipmentN/A11 April 2019
NFRS2019-05-05VacanciesN/A11 April 2019
NFRS2019-07-07Incident logN/A12 April 2019
NFRS2019-06-06Mobile phonesN/A17 April 2019
NFRS2019-09-09Forest firesN/A29 April 2019
NFRS2019-10-10ProsecutionsN/A30 April 2019
NFRS2019-11-11VehiclesN/A01 May 2019
NFRS2019-12-12Public RelationsN/A07 May 2019
NFRS2019-16-16PensionsN/A08 May 2019
NFRS2019-18-18Non Disclosure AgreementsN/A13 May 2019
NFRS2019-19-19MobilityData14 May 2019
NFRS2019-19-31Mental HealthData30 May 2019
NFRS2019-16-16Phone contractN/A24 May 2019
NFRS2019-28-28Pre-determined action planN/A28 May 2019
NFRS2019-31-32SuicideN/A03 June 2019
NFRS2019-34-35Contracts registerN/A03 June 2019
NFRS2019-35-36ProcurementN/A04 June 2019
NFRS2019-36-37BBQ related calloutData05 June 2019
NFRS2019-37-38Incident log 2013 - 2018N/A05 June 2019
NFRS2019-44-45FoamN/A24 June 2019
NFRS2019-46-48Call outsN/A27 June 2019
NFRS2019-49-51Joint Command Unit (JCU)Data05 July 2019
NFRS2019-53-55Number of FirefightersN/A11 July 2019
NFRS2019-52-54IT DepartmentN/A15 July 2019
NFRS2019-57-59EU27 EmployeesN/A19 July 2019
NFRS2019-62-64Subject Access RequestsN/A29 July 2019
NFRS2019-67-69Fleet ListData06 August 2019
NFRS2019-71-73Traffic IncidentsN/A07 August 2019
NFRS2019-70-72Fires in SchoolsData07 August 2019
NFRS2019-86-88Mental Health Related IllnessN/A07 August 2019
FR170-180Number of StaffN/A07 August 2019
NFRS2019-73-75Mental Health Related SicknessN/A12 August 2019
NFRS2019-75-77Emollient FlammabilityN/A13 August 2019
NFRS2019-77-79ICT ContractsN/A14 August 2019
NFRS2019-80-82Pay ScalesData20 August 2019
NFRS2019-81-83Inspections in Care HomesN/A23 August 2019
NFRS2019-82-84Future Fire EnginesN/A27 August 2019
NFRS2019-83-85Vehicles Purchased since June 2016Data29 August 2019
NFRS2019-87-89Fleet ListData04 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-92Second Jobs of Current EmployeesN/A09 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-95In Service SuicidesN/A12 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-98National Operational LearningN/A16 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-99Initial Training PackageN/A20 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-100Wholetime RecruitmentN/A25 September 2019
NFRS2019-87-10151mm HosesN/A25 September 2019
NFRS2019-94-103Late invoicesData26 September 2019
NFRS2019-98-108High Rise BuildingsN/A09 October 2019
NFRS2019-98-108Electric BlanketN/A09 October 2019
NFRS2019-100-110Call OutsN/A11 October 2019
NFRS2019-102-112Enforcement NoticesN/A21 October 2019
NFRS2019-103-113Telephone ContractsN/A22 October 2019
NFRS2019-105-116Software ProductsN/A28 October 2019
NFRS2019-109-120Firefighter EquipmentN/A01 November 2019
NFRS2019-110-121Non-UK NationalsN/A04 November 2019
NFRS2019-115-127Swapping shiftsN/A09 November 2019
NFRS2019-116-128Web filteringN/A18 November 2019
NFRS2019-118-130Hoax callsN/A19 November 2019
NFRS2019-123-135Vehicle listN/A22 November 2019
NFRS2019-125-137Christmas related spendsN/A26 November 2019
NFRS2019-126-138Fuel ManagementN/A27 November 2019
NFRS2019-127-139Transporting obese patientsN/A02 December 2019
NFRS2019-131-144Subject access requestsN/A12 December 2019
NFRS2019-132-145Exterior cladding on buildingsN/A16 December 2019
NFRS2019-133-146Intervention for junior fire settersN/A16 December 2019
NFRS2019-134-148Damaged vehicles from accidentsN/A19 December 2019
NFRS2019-136-150Flooding incidents 2019N/A23 December 2019
NFRS2020-138-153Senior Information Risk Officer/Data Protection OfficerN/A03 January 2020
NFRS2020-140-155Information governance trainingN/A07 January 2020
NFRS2020-141-157Incidents in buildings that have been recently refurbishedN/A09 January 2020
NFRS2019-143-159Reported incidents at Birchfield SpringsN/A10 January 2020
NFRS2020-142-158Spends by the Chief Fire Officer and Assistant Chief Fire OfficersN/A10 January 2020
NFRS2020-03-161Maternity payN/A16 January 2020
NFRS2020-03-161Maternity payN/A16 January 2020
NFRS2020-144-162Fax machinesN/A16 January 2020
NFRS2020-146-164First aid/mental health provisionsN/A24 January 2020
NFRS2020-147-165Weather forecastingN/A27 January 2020
NFRS2020-148-167Cyber securityN/A28 January 2020
NFRS2020-150-169Accidents involving fire vehiclesN/A04 February 2020
NFRS2020-153-172Rescue of individualsN/A05 February 2020
NFRS2020-152-171Fire vehicle theftsN/A05 February 2020
NFRS2020-154-174Cladding on buildingsN/A06 February 2020
NFRS2020-156-176Incidents involving electrical manhole coversN/A13 February 2020
NFRS2020-158-178Waking watchesN/A18 February 2020
NFRS2020-163-185Cobra equipmentN/A28 February 2020
NFRS2020-164-186Aerial AppliancesImage04 March 2020
NFRS2020-166-189High-rise BuildingsData11 March 2020
NFRS2020-167-190Types of IncidentsData11 March 2020
NFRS2020-169-192Microsoft OfficeN/A11 March 2020
NFRS2020-170-193Diversity of StaffN/A11 March 2020
NFRS2020-172-195Asset Management Contract RegisterN/A03 April 2020
NFRS2020-174-197Salaries of Senior StaffN/A06 April 2020
NFRS2020-03-198Number of EmployeesN/A09 April 2020
NFRS2020-175-199Fires in Construction IndustryN/A16 April 2020
NFRS2020-179-203Third Party IT SuppliersN/A23 April 2020
NFRS2020-184-208HMOs, hot spots & building detailsN/A28 April 2020
NFRS2020-186-205Fire Safety AuditN/A 06 May 2020
NFRS2020-182-206Incidents at Head Start NurseryN/A12 May 2020
NFRS2020-183-207Facilities ManagementN/A20 May 2020
NFRS2020-184-208Mobile Phone ContractsN/A21 May 2020
NFRS2020-186-211Software ContractsN/A28 May 2020
NFRS2020-191-216Mental Health Sick DaysData08 June 2020
NFRS2020-193-218Invoice Payment PerformanceData18 June 2020
NFRS2020-197-223Recommendations after GrenfellN/A23 June 2020
NFRS2020-52-224IT DocumentsData30 June 2020
NFRS2020-184-225Network ProvidersN/A06 July 2020
NFRS2020-199-227Incidents at SchoolsN/A13 July 2020
NFRS2020-200-228Intranet SoftwareN/A14 July 2020
NFRS2020-209-238Northamptonshire County Council FleetN/A28 July 2020
NFRS2020-206-235Incident Command SoftwareN/A31 July 2020
NFRS2020-207-236Breathing ApparatusN/A03 August 2020
NFRS2020-210-239Incidents Involving White GoodsN/A04 August 2020
NFRS2020-211-240Carbon Monoxide and Boiler FiresN/A05 August 2020
NFRS2020-215-244Fires on BalconiesN/A14 August 2020
NFRS2020-218-247Pre-determined Attendance at IncidentsData17 August 2020
NFRS2020-221-250High-rise BuildingsN/A17 August 2020
NFRS2020-220-249Hosting Contracts with Third Party SuppliersN/A18 August 2020
NFRS2020-222-251Medical TrainingN/A19 August 2020
NFRS2020-223-252Incident and Mobilisation DataN/A25 August 2020
NFRS2020-224-253Fleet List, Current Orders and Recent SalesN/A28 August 2020
NFRS2020-225-255Injured IndividualsN/A01 September 2020
NFRS2020-227-258PTSD in Fire Service PersonnelN/A11 September 2020
NFRS2020-228-258Covid Cases in ServiceN/A14 September 2020
NFRS2020-231-263Suppliers for Command and ControlN/A17 September 2020
NFRS2020-232-266Questions from Students Following Careers TalkN/A17 September 2020
NFRS2020-234-272Family ExpenditureN/A24 September 2020
NFRS2020-235-272Incidents Involving FireworksN/A28 September 2020
NFRS2020-239-278Response Times and Traffic MeasuresN/A22 October 2020
NFRS2020-242-281Repairs and Maintenance ContractsN/A30 October 2020
NFRS2020-245-284Renumeration Calculations for RDS StaffN/A04 November 2020
NFRS2020-246-285Exit PaymentsN/A12 November 2020
NFRS2020-248-289Animal RescuesData18 November 2020
NFRS2020-249-290Rings cut off and flooding incidentsN/A18 November 2020
NFRS2020-250-291Fires caused by Christmas lightsN/A23 November 2020
NFRS2020-154-292Waking watches in residential buildingsN/A24 November 2020
NFRS2020-251-293Incidents regarding commercial refrigerators N/A25 November 2020
NFRS2020-252-294Incidents relating to emollientsN/A30 November 2020
NFRS2020-257-301Moped fires between 2007 - 2010N/A07 December 2020
NFRS2020-258-302Job titles and contract detailsN/A09 December 2020
NFRS2020-259-303Warehouse fires, vacant premises and arson in schoolsN/A11 December 2020
NFRS2020-260-304Drones and UAVN/A14 December 2020
NFRS2020-262-307Mobilising policy and FB formsN/A22 December 2020
NFRS2020-263-308Details of the CFO, DCFO and ACFO from 2000 - 2020Data22 December 2020
NFRS2020-265-310Crewing numbers per stationN/A31 December 2020
NFRS2021-01-01Availability of staff from April 2020 - December 2020N/A04 January 2021
NFRS2021-01-02Number of staff isolating from April 2020 - December 2020N/A04 January 2021
NFRS2021-02-03Siren make/modelN/A04 January 2021
NFRS2021-04-05Learning and Development/HR systemsN/A05 January 2021
NFRS2021-05-06Flooding incidents from November 2019 - March 2020Data13 January 2021
NFRS2021-08-09Telecoms and network contractsN/A15 January 2021
NFRS2021-09-10Documents from Fire ProtectionN/A18 January 2021
NFRS2021-10-11Crewing LevelsData19 January 2021
NFRS2021-11-12Subscriptions for trade union membersN/A22 January 2021
NFRS2021-13-14Number of firefightersN/A29 January 2021
NFRS2021-17-19Information regarding StonewallN/A08 February 2021
NFRS2021-18-20Fleet listN/A10 February 2021
NFRS2021-19-21Drug and alcohol testingN/A11 February 2021
NFRS2021-20-22Racism ComplaintsN/A115 February 2021
NFRS2021-23-25Mobile phone contractsN/A04 March 2021
NFRS2021-24-26Procedures following GrenfellN/A05 March 2021
NFRS2021-25-27Telecommunications providersN/A08 March 2021
NFRS2021-26-28Houses with registered hoarding issuesN/A11 March 2021
NFRS2021-02-29Incidents attending by each vehicleN/A15 March 2021
NFRS2021-27-30Discrimination on the grounds of racismN/A16 March 2021
NFRS2021-28-31WhistleblowingN/A17 March 2021
NFRS2021-29-32HMIC InspectionsN/A24 March 2021
NFRS2021-30-33Cyber security and LAN/WANN/A29 March 2021
NFRS2021-33-36Number of staff employed from March 2020 - March 2021N/A01 April 2021
NFRS2021-34-37Strategy documents for ICTN/A06 April 2021
NFRS2021-38-43Playground swings incidentsData26 April 2021
NFRS2021-39-44Information regarding facilities contractsN/A29 April 2021
NFRS2021-40-45Information on IT contractsN/A30 April 2021
NFRS2021-41-46Residential Fires from January 2019 - December 2020N/A06 May 2021
NFRS2021-44-49Incidents relating to confidential wasteN/A21 May 2021
NFRS2021-45-50Incidents relating to BBQ firesN/A24 May 2021
NFRS2021-46-51Gas explosion incidentsN/A24 May 2021
NFRS2021-48-53Residential fires involving fatalitiesN/a02 June 2021
NFRS2021-11-54Information regarding payments to Stonewall N/A06 June 2021
NFRS2021-49-55Information regarding the use of Windows 7 and XPN/A08 June 2021
NFRS2021-53-59Information regarding StonewallN/A11 June 2021
NFRS2021-55-62Information relating to emergency vehicles travelling through FloreN/A17 June 2021
NFRS2021-56-63Information relating to the busiest station and least busiest station based on call outs N/A18 June 2021
NFRS2021-59-66Information relating to Amazon Ring camera systems N/A01 July 2021
NFRS2021-60-67Details of line rescue incidentsN/A06 July 2021
NFRS2021-61-68Request for information regarding our learning and development department (contracts, budget etc)Data14 July 2021
NFRS2021-62-69Information regarding fires in hoarded homesN/A15 July 2021
NFRS2021-65-72ApprenticeshipsN/A03 August 2021
NFRS2021-68-75Motor and life insurance policiesN/A10 August 2021
NFRS2021-71-78On-call AvailabilityData12 August 2021
NFRS2021-72-79Office and Building Cleaning ContractN/A13 August 2021
NFRS2021-02-80Assistance MessagesN/A16 August 2021
NFRS2021-02-81Urban Search and Rescue IncidentsData16 August 2021
NFRS2021-73-82Grants of CharitiesN/A17 August 2021
NFRS2021-75-84Software Contract for HR and PayrollN/A26 August 2021
NFRS2021-76-85Contracts for Corporate Software Enterprise ApplicationsN/A27 August 2021
NFRS2021-77-86RandsomwareN/A01 September 2021
NFRS2021-81-90Fatal drowningsN/A09 September 2021
NFRS2021-82-91Balcony firesN/A13 September 2021
NFRS2021-39-94Lift, food and laundry servicesN/A21 September 2021
NFRS2021-90-103Electric vehiclesN/A04 October 2021
NFRS2021-85-95Waking WatchesN/A19 October 2021
NFRS2021-88-99Incidents at particular addressSite location plan22 September 2021
NFRS2021-25-106Telecommunications agreement with Oundle Fire StationN/A05 March 2021
NFRS2021-91-107Rescue Call OutsN/A12 October 2021
NFRS2021-93-108Agency StaffN/A18 October 2021


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