Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log lists requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 since 01 January 2019 when our Service underwent a change of governance from Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) to the Office of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC).


RequestAssociated DocumentsDate Requested
Adverse Weather (Wildfire, floods, drought)Data09 January 2019
Mobile DevicesN/A09 January 2019
LAN ContractN/A11 January 2019
Fires Caused by NegligenceN/A16 January 2019
Animal DeathsN/A21 January 2019
Fires Caused by White GoodsData30 January 2019
Incidents Involving Bariatric PersonsN/A01 February 2019
HR ContractsN/A13 February 2019
PTSDN/A14 February 2019
Northamptonshire StationsN/A18 February 2019
IT ProcurementN/A19 February 2019
Assaults on FirefightersN/A25 February 2019
Social MediaN/A25 February 2019
IT ContractsN/A28 February 2019
Fires in Commercial BuildingsData13 March 2019
Legal CostsN/A13 March 2019
Body Worn ArmourN/A19 March 2019
Number of StaffN/A22 March 2019
Equipment on AppliancesData26 March 2019
Royal and Derngate Disabled AccessN/A16 March 2019
Head CountN/A05 April 2019
Unavailable AppliancesN/A11 April 2019
VacanciesN/A11 April 2019
Mobile Phone ContractsN/A17 April 2019
Incident log since 2009N/A12 April 2019
Forest FiresN/A29 April 2019
ProsecutionsN/A30 April 2019
VehiclesN/A01 May 2019
Public Relations and MarketingN/A07 May 2019
PensionsN/A08 May 2019
Non-Disclosure AgreementsN/A13 May 2019
Mobility of AppliancesData14 May 2019
Mental HealthData30 May 2019
Phone ContractsN/A24 May 2019
Pre-Determined Action PlanN/A28 May 2019
SuicidesN/A03 June 2019
Contracts RegisterN/A03 June 2019
ProcurementN/A04 June 2019
BBQ Related CalloutsData05 June 2019
Incident Log 2013 - 2018N/A05 June 2019
FoamN/A24 June 2019
Call OutsN/A27 June 2019
Joint Command Unit (JCU)Data05 July 2019
Number of FirefightersN/A11 July 2019
IT DepartmentN/A15 July 2019
EU27 EmployeesN/A19 July 2019
Subject Access RequestsN/A29 July 2019
Fleet ListData06 August 2019
Traffic IncidentsN/A07 August 2019
Fires in SchoolsData07 August 2019
Mental Health Related IllnessN/A07 August 2019
Number of StaffN/A07 August 2019
Mental Health Related SicknessN/A12 August 2019
Emollient FlammabilityN/A13 August 2019
ICT ContractsN/A14 August 2019
Pay ScalesData20 August 2019
Inspections in Care HomesN/A23 August 2019
Future Fire EnginesN/A27 August 2019
Vehicles Purchased since June 2016Data29 August 2019
Fleet ListData04 September 2019
Second Jobs of Current EmployeesN/A09 September 2019
In Service SuicidesN/A12 September 2019
National Operational LearningN/A16 September 2019
Initial Training PackageN/A20 September 2019
Wholetime RecruitmentN/A25 September 2019
51mm HosesN/A25 September 2019
Late Invoice PaymentsData26 September 2019
High Rise BuildingsN/A09 October 2019
Electric BlanketN/A09 October 2019
Call OutsN/A11 October 2019
Enforcement NoticesN/A21 October 2019
Telephone ContractsN/A22 October 2019
Software ProductsN/A28 October 2019
Firefighter EquipmentN/A01 November 2019
Non-UK NationalsN/A04 November 2019
Swapping shiftsN/A09 November 2019
Web filteringN/A18 November 2019
Hoax callsN/A19 November 2019
Vehicle listN/A22 November 2019
Christmas related spendsN/A26 November 2019
Fuel ManagementN/A27 November 2019
Transporting obese patientsN/A02 December 2019
Subject access requestsN/A12 December 2019
Exterior cladding on buildingsN/A16 December 2019
Intervention for junior fire settersN/A16 December 2019
Damaged vehicles from accidentsN/A19 December 2019
Flooding incidents 2019N/A23 December 2019
Senior Information Risk Officer/Data Protection OfficerN/A03 January 2020
Information governance trainingN/A07 January 2020
Incidents in buildings that have been recently refurbishedN/A09 January 2020
Reported incidents at Birchfield SpringsN/A10 January 2020
Spends by the Chief Fire Officer and Assistant Chief Fire OfficersN/A10 January 2020
Maternity payN/A16 January 2020
Maternity payN/A16 January 2020
Fax machinesN/A16 January 2020
First aid/mental health provisionsN/A24 January 2020
Weather forecastingN/A27 January 2020
Cyber securityN/A28 January 2020
Accidents involving fire vehiclesN/A04 February 2020
Rescue of individualsN/A05 February 2020
Fire vehicle theftsN/A05 February 2020
Cladding on buildingsN/A06 February 2020
Incidents involving electrical manhole coversN/A13 February 2020
Waking watchesN/A18 February 2020
Cobra equipmentN/A28 February 2020


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