Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log lists requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 since 1 January 2019 when our service underwent a change of governance from Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) to Offices of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (OPFCC).


RequestAssociated DocumentsDate Requested
Head CountN/A05 April 2019
VacanciesN/A11 April 2019
Unavailable AppliancesN/A11 April 2019
Incident log since 2009N/A12 April 2019
Mobile Phone ContractsN/A17 April 2019
Forest FiresN/A29 April 2019
ProsecutionsN/A30 April 2019
VehiclesN/A01 May 2019
Public Relations and MarketingN/A07 May 2019
PensionsN/A08 May 2019
Non-Disclosure AgreementsN/A13 May 2019
Mobility of AppliancesData14 May 2019
Phone ContractsN/A24 May 2019
Pre-Determined Action PlanN/A28 May 2019
Mental HealthData30 May 2019
SuicidesN/A03 June 2019
Contracts RegisterN/A03 June 2019
ProcurementN/A04 June 2019
BBQ Related CalloutsData05 June 2019
Incident Log 2013 - 2018N/A05 June 2019


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